Man With A Healthy Mission

man on a mission
Lindsey Duncan, ND, CN
Founder & Chairman of Genesis Today, Inc.

With over 28 years of clinical experience, naturopathic doctor and celebrity nutritionist, Dr. Lindsey Duncan is one of the world’s leading experts on superfoods, herbal medicine, natural remedies and natural health. From deep within the jungles of the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil to the valleys of the Himalayan Mountains of Inner Mongolia, Dr. Lindsey has studied with indigenous people around the globe so that he can authentically bring Mother Nature’s most powerful medicines to the forefront in mainstream America.

His wealth of knowledge coupled with his unparalleled passion for helping people achieve optimum health has led to frequent appearances on top national shows like “The View,” “Fox & Friends,” as well as features on every major TV network and quotes in the country’s most popular lifestyle and health magazines, including Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Town & Country, US Weekly and many more.

At one point, Dr. Lindsey toured the globe with motivational speaker Tony Robbins, delivering a healthy dose of wellness education to hundreds of thousands of people. Whether in the media or in giant sports arenas packed with eager listeners, Dr. Lindsey’s vision, message and passion for health and healing has impacted the lives of millions. Throughout his career, Dr. Lindsey has strived to help people improve their quality of life by giving them the tools to view food differently: as nature’s best medicine.

Today, Dr. Lindsey is the in-demand nutritionist for household names like fashion designer Marc Jacobs, football Hall of Famer Tony Dorsett, football star Reggie Bush, and a long roster of leading celebrities, musicians and world-class politicians.  His clients credit his success to targeting core issues, rather than just relieving the symptoms, allowing the body to rejuvenate and heal naturally.  As Dr. Lindsey would say, “your symptom is your best friend, your wake up call.  It’s merely informing you that something is wrong and if you do not fix the problem from the deeper place then something more serious is around the corner.

His journey to becoming a renowned and trusted resource on natural healing stemmed from serious health problems he experienced as a child and teen.  Conventional medicine failed to help him, but an introduction to nutrition and alternative healthcare changed his life and his path forever.

After studying with the distinguished detoxification and nutrition expert Bernard Jensen, D.C., Ph.D at his legendary healing retreat in Escondido, Calif. in the early 80s and earning dual degrees in nutrition and naturopathy, Dr. Lindsey opened Home Nutrition Clinic in Santa Monica, Calif. in 1985.  His clinic quickly became known worldwide, the buzz spread rapidly through Hollywood, and he soon began treating A-list actors and actresses, politicians, musicians and athletes.  Some waited as long as 12 to 18 months for an appointment as the clinic continued to generate such an abundance of healing success stories, including one particular story about how Dr. Lindsey helped over a dozen victims of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in the Ukraine.

Following a decade of working with people one on one, Dr. Lindsey felt it was his calling to expand his reach and deliver his knowledge to the masses.  This led him to establish Nature’s Secret and develop his own herbal and nutritional formulations.  Then in 2004, he launched Genesis Today, the world’s fastest-growing healthy superfood, beverage and snack company where he currently serves as the lead formulator as well as CEO and Chairman of the Board, all while continuing to travel the globe in search of nature’s best medicines.

Genesis Today is one of the country’s fastest-growing healthy foods and beverage companies and is globally recognized as a pioneer in the superfoods industry.  The company is known for its potent and therapeutic award-winning formulations and as a company that practices what it calls, “truth in marketing,” meaning that all of its products are backed by science and clinical research and are developed by healers and educators, not marketers.

All the while, Dr. Lindsey has maintained a nutritional philosophy of “Cleanse, Balance, Build.”

By cleansing, Dr. Lindsey helps his clients purify the body and rediscover the vibrancy and vigor that has become lost through the toxicity of everyday living.  At the same time, he brings the body into balance by addressing specific diet and lifestyle needs and balancing the body and mind.  While cleansing and balancing, Dr. Lindsey then works to build the body’s strength, immunity, energy levels and mood.  The “Cleanse, Balance, Build” program integrates nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle recommendations to work synergistically to help each individual improve their quality of life and look and feel their absolute best.

Dr. Lindsey’s mission in everything he does—from developing revolutionary all-natural supplements to appearing on national television shows or designing customized health programs for his clients—is to help as many people as possible achieve optimum health. By trekking the globe in search of the most power-packed, beneficial foods on the planet, Dr. Lindsey hopes to inspire and educate people to make healthier choices in order to look and feel better, from the inside out. That’s why some call him the “Indiana Jones of the health food industry.”